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is wasted each year globally on pointless meetings.

Together we can make terrible meetings a thing of the past.

We’re recruiting Early Field Trialists to help refine our Meeting Analytics Platform, eradicate meeting madness and improve business outcomes.

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Imagine a world where every meeting had a purpose and an outcome that was valued.

Imagine the time you’d save if every meeting was just 15 minutes long but still achieved the same goals. Imagine how you’d feel if the meeting host and participants were aligned behind the same objectives. Imagine the impact on your culture if meetings were universally enjoyed.

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Meeting Magpie
Meeting Magpie

50% of meetings are unproductive

Now try and quantify how far away from this you are today. You can’t, right?

That’s because meetings are a problem hiding in plain sight. Meetings are seen as a business necessity, yet little is known about the cost, time or output. And that’s just at an individual level. For businesses, the cost of inefficient meetings is staggering with up to 50% of meetings being either unproductive or a total waste of time.

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Meeting Magpie Meeting Magpie

Highlight improvements in your meetings

For too long there’s been a lack of measurement & accountability surrounding meetings. Until now.

Meeting Magpie’s native integration into Office 365 (G-Suite coming soon) provides an intuitive suite of meeting analytics to spot trends, highlight areas for improvement and build a robust meetings strategy.

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Meeting Magpie

Our meetings mission

We are on a mission to fundamentally change the way that the business world looks at meetings. We can't change this overnight, and we can't do it without your help. But together we can create a 'Meetings Movement' that can change the dynamics of team collaboration forever. Collectively we can disrupt any meeting culture that is low in value and high in cost. We can call out any meeting that lacks accountability for its outcomes. We can highlight the importance of measurement and standards. Together we can make pointless meetings a thing of the past. Come join us on our journey and let us be part of your meetings story.

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